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Sun People Remixed (CD+Digital)


Sun People Remixed (CD+Digital)

This offer contains:

-La Lluvia Feat. Richard Shepherd (Hird Remix)
-N'Dini Feat. Ismael Kouyate (Tal M Klein Remix)
-Sun People (Earthrise Soundsystem Remix)
-Brookarest (The Pimps of Joytime Remix)
-Just Move Feat. Kwasi (The Spy from Cairo Remix)
-The Love Feeling (Christian Prommer Remix)
-Sun Children Feat. The Real Live Show (Red Astaire Rollerskate Remix)
-Didibina Feat. Falu (J-Boogie Remix)
-The Love Feeling (Sabo Remix Feat. Dario Boente)
-Sun Children Feat. Real Live Show (Pablo Sanchez Hip Hop Remix)
-The Love Feeling (Sabo Remix Feat. Dario Boente)
-2 Sips & Magic (Secondsky & Thomas Blondet Remix)
-Sun Children (Pablo Sanchez Jump-up Remix)
-2 Sips & Magic (Kush Arora Remix)
-Sun People Remixed (CD)

Audio Format Options:
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)
-Apple Lossless
-Source Audio

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